Get WiFi that won’t let you down with the devolo 550 WiFi Network Kit

Time is precious – we love fast cars because they get us to our destination faster, and fast internet because it gets music, video and video games into our homes exactly when we need entertaining the most.

But when it comes to that last example, patchy WiFi coverage can make your valuable time tick away as you wrestle against finding the one corner of your home where your network is firing on all cylinders. The devolo 550 WiFi Network kit could be the answer to your wireless blackspot woes, ensuring you have super-speedy and reliable internet coverage right the way through your pad, no matter where you are.

The devolo 550 WiFi network kit works by using Powerline technology. Housed in a discreet unit that plugs into your wall power sockets, it uses the electrical wiring in your house to distribute a reliable and fast wireless connection right across your home, just as if you were sitting right alongside your router. And because the devolo kit uses your electrical wiring, you have a fresh WiFi hotspot from every socket.

Mesh comfort

Simply plug the base adapter in nearby your router, hook it up with an Ethernet cable, and then plug in one of the two additional adapters in plug sockets near where your signal is most problematic, and the devolo 550 WiFi network kit does the rest, making sure you’re getting the speeds you’d expect, no matter where you’ve settled down. By following the same procedure with the second WiFi hotspot of this devolo kit, you can boost the WiFi anywhere you still have a signal blackspot.

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Devolo’s wireless units make use of the latest technology to achieve this networking wizardry. You can benefit from Mesh comfort, with the system intelligently duplicating network configurations across each adapter so you don’t have to put in different passwords and connect to different access points throughout you home, instead acting as one continuous network wherever you go. Range+ technology is also included, taking advantage of all three wires in an electrical mains circuit to ensure you’re getting the highest, most stable possible speeds in every corner of your home.

Offering speeds as fast as 500 Mbps across its wired Powerline connections and 300 Mbps when connecting over WiFi, the devolo 550 WiFi network kit will make sure your Netflix streams never stutter, your album downloads happen in an instant, and you’re always on the top of your game when playing against your mates on a console.

The devolo 550 WiFi network kit is available from Amazon. For more information about devolo’s whole home WiFi solution visit .

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