You only have a few days left to get this ace VPN deal for 69% off from IPVanish

National Cyber Security Awareness Month is nearly over for another year. And while TechRadar has been bringing you stories and advice about staying safe online throughout October, IPVanish has been doing its bit for security by offering a bumper 69% discount off its two year VPN plan.

Virtual Private Networks – or VPN – are now beginning to match straight virus protection in popularity thanks to a combination of their encrypted security and versatility in use.

Until the end of the month (so that's next Wednesday October 31) IPVanish – one of our top rated VPNs – is knocking an immense 69% off the price of its two year subscription. At $89.99 (roughly £69), that means you now pay an effective monthly cost of only $3.74 (£2.88) – the cheapest of all our top rated VPN services.

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The new price is only $12 more than IPVanish's one year subscription. That's two years of extra security, the ability to access restricted sites in overseas countries or in certain offices and schools, and a whole new world of unblocking geo-blocked streaming services and sports coverage not available where you are.

69% discount on IPVanish VPN

How a VPN can help you stay safe online

It's all about anonymity. VPNs like IPVanish connect you to private network via an encrypted tunnel, which is known as a VPN tunnel. The data transferred via the tunnel is encrypted to keep it private and prevent it from being intercepted.

With the user transmitting encrypted data to the VPN server via the virtual connection, which then hooks up with the worldwide web, it keeps the user’s activities more anonymous and secure. The ISP cannot see the data transferred, but only that the user is connected to a private server.

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Many of the most popular VPNs will keep no logs of who is using their tools either, meaning that there's no evidence that you even used the VPN in the first place.

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