Apple macOS 10.14 is Mojave

During its WWDC 2018 keynote address, Apple has announced that macOS 10.14 will be known as Mojave.

Apple's Craig Federighi debuted the operating system update, getting straight to the good stuff, with features like Dark Mode confirmed following previous rumors.

Another feature known as Stacks was demonstrated, a new method for gathering collections of files or apps within single, clickable icons. For instance, photos can be gathered in a single stack on the desktop rather than littered throughout that home screen.

Other quality-of-life features were announced such as Quick Look, a new way to interact with files more deeply, but without actually launching an associated app. This allows you to play with rich media files in a lightweight way. Screenshots are also improved, bringing video capture to the tool.

Apple has also expanded upon its cross-device workspace tool, Continuity, with a Camera addition, allowing for instantaneous pasting of photos taken with the iPhone to the connected macOS Mojave desktop. This feature also works for scanning documents.


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