StackPath and Server Density announce merger

The merger of infrastructure monitoring firm Server Density and secure edge services platform provider StackPath was announced today.

Secure Density provides its users with the ability to monitor their websites and servers in either the cloud or on-premise. They can use a single console and API to maximise server performance, maintain uptime and diagnose problems.

StackPath will be integrating Server Density's service into its own edge service platform in the near future.

Founder, Chairman and CEO of StackPath, Lance Crosby praised the merger in a statement, saying:

“We’re thrilled to have Server Density become part of our company. It’s a perfect fit. StackPath has the highest commitment to providing our customers frictionless services, complete visibility into their solutions, and building strong relationships with the open source community and the industry at large. Server Density has followed the same commitments as it built exceptional technologies that are second to none and grew operations at cloud scale.”

Servery Density's monitoring agent is currently installed on millions of servers with each collecting 12-billion metrics per day. There are over 100 official integrations with other solutions and platforms that when combined process more than 300TB of data each month. Server Density's customers include the UK's National Health Service (NHS) as well as eCommerce company Firebox and online gaming platform Stormancer.

The financial details of the merger have not been publicly disclosed and the Server Density's London team will serve as the core StackPath monitoring service team and London will be StackPath's new European headquarters. 

Image Credit: Rawpixel / Pexels

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