Tiny Metal – Sale, Maps and Chinese Language for the Lunar New Year

Videogame developer AREA 35, Inc. is thrilled to release its latest free TINY METAL content update with three all-new skirmish maps and Chinese language support in addition to a 10% discount across all platforms to celebrate the Lunar New Year. There is much fun to be had, but savvy commanders won’t let their guard down completely. TINY METAL is currently available on Steam, PlayStation®4, and Nintendo Switch™, with today’s updates now available on all platforms and the 10% discount on Steam until the 19th of February.

New maps include “Happy Island,” “The Great Hill,” and “Battle of Three Kingdoms.”

Happy Island – A small duelling map. Grab nearby objectives to build up your economy, cross the intervening hills to launch a quick alpha strike against your enemies, or hunker down for a long game of attrition-there are many ways to win at this map!

The Great Hill – This map takes the glorious Great Wall of China as its inspiration. There is a large forest in the center that will force you to play a very infantry centric game. Don’t forget to search out all the hidden areas and capture facilities with your ground troops!

Battle of Three Kingdoms – Taking inspiration from China’s turbulent and legendary era of the three warring states “Battle of Three Kingdoms”. Factories and other key resource tiles are scattered about the map, so you will have to decide where to best focus your forces to whilst fending off your opponents!

Don’t forget our TINY METAL competition is still running until the end of April! The top prize is a wonderful Nintendo Switch – All you need to do is add the hashtag #tinymetallove to any of your original content in relation to TINY METAL and our judges will pick the best one! (facebook, instagram, and twitter).

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